26 ways to Green

“26 Ways to Green” is the theme for Whitley Bay Carnival 2021, driven by our young people who want to look at how we can help shape a greener future for our seaside NE26 postcode in the face of climate change. While  lots of you will be working on making the costumes and parade pieces that make Carnival happen every year and this time we are adding banners to the mix.

With growing recognition that the climate emergency is very real, we all need to do all we can to tackle it. Parts of Whitley Bay are threatened by flooding if sea level rises significantly. Alongside this, like everywhere we are coming to terms with the long-term effects of the pandemic.

26 ways to green

Outline of the 26 Ways to Green Project

Flags of Hope - Air, Water, Land 

How to get Involved

Sally and Cath will first visit street/group locations with their trolley. This is a finding out/getting to know you exercise. They will introduce themselves and the project, meet the group and have a go at simple printing. They will make textures that can be used on your flag, generate ideas for the design of your Flag of Hope and decide what methods/ genres will be used to make it.

As a street/group you will decide on the theme, imagery and what you’d like to include.

The second meeting at the Big Local building (158 Whitley Road)/ street or group location Sally and Cath will start to work on designs scaling up using big bold shapes and colours. This can be done through printing, appliqué, collage, or other techniques. Paper flags will be digitally printed and the textures created in our first visit can be incorporated.

You will then work as a group to create you flag – with help from Sally and Cath if needed.

There will be a regular slot/day at the Big Local building (158 Whitley Road). Your street can arrange a time slot to work on the flags with us, Covid restrictions permitting (One of the team could be on call to visit streets/groups, the other in the Big Local)

Once the flags are complete they will be hung on the flagpoles by the War Memorial outside the Spanish City.

Sally and Cath are really looking forward to working with you and can’t wait start! 

26 ways to green

Sally Southern and Cath Hodson will work with local residents to create up to ten huge banners of hope.

Capturing all of the things we hope for the future. These banners will be displayed in the run up to carnival and at future events... so we need you to help. We want to work with anyone and everyone. Spread the word to your friends and neighbours. 

Sally and Cath will be wandering the streets of Whitley looking for people to join in with the project. We’re hopeful we will be able to hold workshops inside Big Local but for now all the workshop activity will be going on outside, including in the Big Local garden.

Below is a short description of what’s on offer. If you want Sally and Cath to come to you or your street can you let Salto Arts or Whitley Bay Big Local know and they will pass your details on to them. We really hope you will get involved.

26 green trolley

“26 Ways to Green” is a Creative Civic Change project for Whitley Bay Big Local, produced by Salto Arts Productions. Contact brodsalto@gmail.com or ring/text/WhatsApp Carol on 07791169747