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Big Batch Cook


In April 2020 Whitley Bay Big Local partnered with Whitley Bay Round Table and Evan's Bistro to deliver cooked meals and offer support to the most vulnerable residents in Whitley Bay during the COVID-19 lockdown. Second Bite Bistro continues to collaborate with Whitley Bay Big Local to prepare and provide meals to those who need it. Meals are cooked and prepared by the Second Bite Catering Academy are sent to Whitley Bay Big Local for distribution by passionate and dedicated staff and volunteers. 

 The Big Batch Cook collaboration between Whitley Bay Big Local, Cedarwood Trust, Evan's Bistro, Second Bite Academy & Whitley Bay Round Table began at the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdown, as we recognised that certain members of our community weren’t being offered any support.

Every day a local chef prepared high quality meals, which were delivered by a team of volunteers around Whitley Bay to very grateful recipients. 

By using our connections, we identified people who may not meet the criteria for support from other agencies, to provide them with a hot meal every day. We have built new relationships with many Whitley Bay Big Local residents. 

Evan’s Bistro reopened as Second Bite Academy in summer 2020 to train people in catering and hospitality trade and work with local businesses, foodbanks and volunteers to cook, prepare and provide fresh meals to those who need it, ensuring no one goes hungry.

By July 2020, we had prepared and delivered over 4,400 meals to the community through the centre and their team of staff and volunteers. On Christmas morning fresh Christmas meals along with gifts of toiletries were delivered to resident in need, living in Bed and Breakfasts in Whitley Bay.

We received the following message from a local establishment: 
"On behalf of absolutely everyone here, a very BIG thank you to the Big Local for all of your very big hearted efforts in ensuring that everyone here has the opportunity of a hot meal every day. It's gone down very well indeed and the people living here are more than a little touched at your kindness."

Thanks to all Big Batch Cook partners: Cedarwood Trust, Evan's Bistro, Second Bite Academy & Whitley Bay Round Table. Also  Karbon Homes,  Ballinger Trust and  Community Foundation, who provided grants to pay for the meals.

Big Batch Cook
Big Batch Cook
Big Batch Cook
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