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British Science Week 5th - 14 March

The theme in 2021 is 'Innovating for the future'.

British Science week

Sunday 14th March - Evaluation and Reflection


It is the end of British Science week. You may want to revisit the activities or do anything you have missed. 

It is always valuable to evaluate events. We invite you to reflect upon the activities you have participated in.  Then, please consider the following:

  • What did you get involved in?

  • What went well? 

  • What could have been better?

  • What did you expect of this week?

  • What did you NOT expect (include any nice surprises!)

  • How has anything you have done this week changed your view of science and how you will work with science in the future. 

  • If WBBL ran British Science Week again in the future, what would you like to see included? 

  • Would you like to offer any other feedback?


Please send in your feedback and photos so we can create a display for WBBL. Email to or send directly to the Whitley Bay Big Local Facebook page.


Final Fun Activity  - for those of you who would like one last activity… Baking soda and vinegar

If you would like to send feedback directly to British Science Week, there is an online link here: online version. Please be sure to mention Whitley Bay Big Local. Paper forms are also available from


Thank you to Everyone who has participated this week, including our volunteers who have made this happen.

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