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British Science Week 5th - 14 March

The theme in 2021 is 'Innovating for the future'.

British Science week

Tuesday 9th March - Science is for Everyone

  • Especially for British Science Week, Local resident Dr. John Simnett explores famous scientists. Presentation available on request from   This could link well with the scientists quiz on the Dorling Kindersley link below:

  • Interactive webpages including quizzes about various aspects of science:

  • Podcast: Infinite Monkey Cage: Science Mavericks. Marcus Brigstocke joins Brian Cox and Robin Ince to discuss the role of mavericks in science.

  • 2pm Science with Neil – LIVE -   YouTube Big Science UK  Floating and Sinking  (also see

  • Under-fives:  Sensory bottles are a great way for babies and young children to explore things that may not be safe to handle directly. They can be as simple as putting water, cooking oil and glitter in a bottle and watching the glitter move, or add food colouring and see patterns made by the light. Ensure that lids are always secure and supervise their use. 

Shout out for everyone who is getting involved in WBBL Big Science Activities.


What have you done so far? Let us know and remember to send us your photos for a big science display. Email to or send directly to the WhitleyBay Big Local FaceBook page.

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