• Become a formal consultee on North Tyneside Council (NTC) planning issues in the area and has a monthly ‘one conversation’ with key statutory agencies: police, fire service, local councillors and planners

  • Commissioned a local landscape architect to draw up a Masterplan for the town which has been used by the Council as part of their plans

  • Started on some small scale projects which can be led by local people, including tree planting in Whitley Park. In the town centre volunteers have repaired, painted and stocked planters with unusual specimens, to provide colour and interest right through the year

  • Engaged with families and individuals by enabling local musicians and other creative artists to hold regular fun activities in our shop on Park View, supporting activities around Station Road and delivering the two Whitley Bay Carnivals that have taken place so far during the May Spring Bank Holiday weekend and been enjoyed by thousand

  • Given out  grants called ‘Small Sparks’ that have been matched by people’s time and energies and led to over 20 different visible projects that have changed not only the way the town looks but also how people feel.

  • Created a quarterly newsletter detailing achievements and circulated across the BL area

  •  Delivered outreach work to vulnerable young people in the area

  • Supported local social entrepreneurs and worked with Unltd

  • Levered in over £100,000 of matched funding. 

Anything that is going to last needs to be built on solid foundations. So, since January 2013 time and effort has gone in to making sure we have listened, talked and built relationships with many of the people and organisations key to Whitley Bay’s long term regeneration. Whitley Bay Big Local has: 

Whitley Bay Big Local is a Registered Charity (Regd No: 1171848)