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Growing Tomatoes

  • Transfer outside in May or June. 

  • Plant in a container big enough for your plant’s roots and stem plus room to grow. 

  • Add compost to the container and bury the stem up to the lowest leaves. 

  • Choose a spot in full sun with at least two square feet of space or a large pot for each plant. 

  • Support stem with a cane. The plants can get to 5 feet. 

  • Water two or three times each week.

  • Fertilise occasionally with a “vegetable” or “tomato” fertiliser to produce juicy tomatoes all summer.

  • Tomatoes self-pollinate, but wind can help release pollen.

  • Prune by pinching off suckers, which are the small shoots that grow between the stem of a tomato plant and the leaves. Pinch out suckers when they are about 1/2 long. When the plant is about 5 feet remove the top of the stem to prevent further growth. Pruning encourages tomatoes to grow larger.

  • Harvest tomatoes when they feel firm, but not solid. When you give the fruit a squeeze, it should have a little give. 

  • Tomatoes come off the vine easily. Simply hold the tomato and gently twist it to remove it from the vine.

  • It is better to harvest a little too early rather than too late. Leave almost-ripe fruit on a windowsill for a day or two to allow to ripen.

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