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Together for Our Planet – Environmental Consultant Brief 

Freelance opportunity – Invitation to Tender 

Making an impact on climate change is no longer just about the things we don’t do. It’s the things we do together as communities that will have the greatest impact. 

Whitley Bay Big Local is looking to recruit a freelance consultant to undertake a feasibility study to outline opportunities for community led environmental activities in Whitley Bay. The successful candidate will produce an ‘Environmental Action Plan’ for Whitley Bay, having consulted extensively with various stakeholders operating in and around Whitley Bay. The Environmental Action Plan can be seen as a ‘call to action’ for anyone who lives and works in Whitley Bay and has a concern for the local environment.   


Whitley Bay Big Local is a community led organisation, which empowers local people to take action on issues that are important to them. Local action on global environmental concerns has been highlighted as a key concern for local people. We have recently purchased a community building in Whitley Bay Town Centre and are embarking on an ambitious project to see us retro-fit the building as a Community Eco-Hub. The building aims to be a low carbon building, from which we aim to inform and inspire local people to be more sustainable. Thanks to a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund ‘Together For Our Planet’ programme, we have funding to develop an Environmental Action Plan for Whitley Bay. 

Environmental Action Plan (EAP): 

The EAP will be an accessible asset that should be seen as a call to action for local people to become engaged in projects and activities that have an environmental impact. It will develop a community led vision for the local environment and how the Eco-Hub can be used to inform and inspire local people. The plan should draw on past precedents, stakeholder consultations and action research to represent the voices of all interested local people. Specifically, the EAP should provide answers to the following questions: 

  • How can we maximise the impact of the various operators who already deliver environmental activities in Whitley Bay? 

  • How can we use the community building to inform and inspire people to be more sustainable? 

  • What activities can we deliver around Whitley Bay to improve our local environment? 


  • How can we unlock assets held by other organisations in order to deliver community led activity/bio-diversity impacts? 

  • How do we quantify and measure the difference we are making? 


Delivery Method and Timescale: 

The consultant will work directly with the Chief Executive of Whitley Bay Big Local. The project is roughly split into three phases: 

Desk based research: 

There will be an initial period of desk-based research aimed at identifying the different environmental stakeholders/officials in the area and researching other locality based environmental plans to understand past precedents and potential direction for the plan. 

Consultation/action research: 

Following the initial desk-based research, the appointee will undertake consultation with identified stakeholders, with a view to developing a ‘strategic forum’ as an ongoing host for the plan.  

Action research should be completed with local volunteers via arts based and community volunteering activities. These sessions will be organised and managed by Whitley Bay Big Local, with the consultant invited to take part and learn more about local interests. 

Creation of plan: 

Taking the research and evidence from consultation activities, the consultant will develop the Environmental Action Plan, outlining options for community led activities to benefit the environment and an outcomes framework to identify and measure improvements made. 

Copyright and ownership: 

The Environmental Action Plan will be owned by Whitley Bay and made public. The consultant will be credited and can use the work as part of their portfolio. 


Deadline for submissions of Invitation to Tender (ITT) – 18 January 2022 

Confirmation of successful appointment – 31 January 2022 

Desk based research – Feb – March 2022 

Action Research – Mar – May 2022 

Completion and presentation of EAP – 30 June 2022 


Fee details and conditions: 

The overall fee for the Environmental Action Plan is £6,000. This will be part up-front and part in arrears, on completion of milestones in accordance with an agreed contract.  


Person Spec: 

The consultant can refer to an individual, partnership or organisation. 

The consultant must be highly experienced in work relating to environmental/ecological concerns or, be an expert in community led consultation and developing plans at a local level or both. 

The consultant must be experienced at creating assets that connect with the intended audience 

The consultant must have experience of working collegiately with a variety of operators, officials and stakeholders and ensuring all voices are heard, collected and represented.  

The consultant should have experience of creating outcomes frameworks or expert knowledge of impact/outcomes measurement systems 


How to apply: 

To respond to this ITT, please send an email to the Chief Executive, outlining: 

  • Details of the individual, partnership or organisation making the application 

  • Relevant examples of similar work and how you meet the required elements of the person spec 

  • Why you’re interested in the contract 

  • How you would present the plan to ensure it connects with local people and stakeholders 

  • How you would ensure accessibility throughout the three phases 

  • Any challenges you can foresee and how you would overcome them 

  • How you would work with Whitley Bay Big Local to overcome any unanticipated challenges 

  • Daily rate and estimated split by phase 

Please respond by 17:00 on January 18th 2022 

For further information, please call David on 07860862097