Our Creative Civic Change project offers residents in Whitley Bay opportunities to get involved in artistic and creative activities.  Celebrating a diversity of art forms, Creative Civic Change brings people together through participation in our annual carnival and the development of a year-round community hub for creativity.

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Coronavirus update - we are looking at ways to make project activities available to people in the local area during the current lockdown. Watch this space for links to and information about some different CCC project ideas...

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Creative Civic Change Facebook Group

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Whitley Bay Community Carnival Website

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The latest news and posts from Whitley Bay's fabulous annual Carnival

smART ideas in Whitley Bay

A simple small grants programme for you to try out your own creative ideas - more information and application forms here

CCC video tutorials

We're growing a batch of videos and online workshops in which local artists give you ideas  and show you how to be creative also ideas for  your carnival  preparations for you to view and share. Click here for creative ideas and here for your carnival preparations.

Workshops and Carnival Clubs - calendar and bookings

Once we're back up and running you will have on place to find out all you need to know about CCC workshops and carnival clubs

Press, media and promotion

We are planning to get all of our CCC launch info, Carnival coverage, press releases, videos and more up on our website soon

Are you a local artist, maker, creative?

Do you live or work in the coastal area of North Tyneside?

Watch this space as we are planning a call out so you can tell us what you can offer the CCC project...

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Contact us via our blog or CCC Facebook group - use the links above

Creative Civic Change across the country

Our project is part of a national network of creative projects aiming to make a lasting difference in their areas.