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Shimmer Light 2020

With Salto Arts Productions Whitley Bay was lit up for a Festival of Light in December.

There were some interesting results when we asked our artists to combine Hi-Viz with LED. What do you think ? Yellow definitely has the biggest reach at dusk but pink comes into its own in the proper dark. You can see more photos on the Shimmer Light Art Walk page

If you missed St Nicholas' outing this year and didn't get to see the amazing costumes created by Kelly Sheridan, Gilly Rogers, Wendy Helps and Alizon Bennett for the dancing 'Shimmerlite’ marshals. We had to keep it all a bit hush hush this time but we will be back next year and the Shimmerlites may well make an appearance at Carnival in May ...fingers crossed.

You can still make your shimmer light decorations for the garden or your windows .. or to make a great LED hat for those evening strolls.

Follow our blog  to watch our how to videos for the creation of LED flowers, garlands and illuminated hats using simple and recycled materials with LED lights.  You can also watch the Shimmer song which Ziad Jabroo of the Baghdaddies created especially for Whitley Bay. We want everyone to join in.

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