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26 ways to Green

Banners of hope Help us find our 26 by photographing the greens around you. From the beginning of March, artists Sally Southern and Cath Hodson will be working with local residents to create up to ten huge banners of hope. Capturing all of the things we hope for the future. These banners will be displayed in the run up to carnival and at future events... so we need you to help. We want to work with anyone and everyone. Spread the word to your friends and neighbours. Then your first job is to help us find the 26 greens.

How can you get involved? Green is everywhere from woolly jumpers and front doors to the grass on the bank side and rock pools in the bay. We want you to photograph green wherever you find it, then name the green like ‘woolly jumper green’ and post on Whitley Bay Community Carnival Facebook group or share to your favourite social media platforms with the hashtag #26green. The palette we create will help to tie the banner designs together.

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