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Make Alizon's Glow beetles

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

In this video Salto artist, Alizon Bennet shows how to make a beautiful Glow Beetle. See the video at

Mainly using the contents of your recycling bin.

To make this beetle you will need.

Correx about A4 per person would give several bug bodies

Washed milk bottles and shiny, reflective, transparent foils or plastic recycling (essential for them to collect)

Pipe cleaners (legs and feelers and hooks) x 3 per bug not essential but what I’ve used and schools should have?

Some of the silver foil with holes on a roll (wings and such) 10 cm each?

LED tea light x1 per bug

Download and printout the pattern for Glow Beetle which is attached here.

If you need help with materials or the little T lights get in touch at

and we can give you the bits and bobs you need.

Make as many as you like. We want to see pictures of what you make so when you post use the hashtag #shimmerlight20 . Post them up to the Whitley Bay Carnival Fb page

Use the Glow beetle to decorate your windows or gardens or bring it to pin on our giant St Nicholas.

He’s going to appear in Whitley Bay in the week of the 7th of December. Look out for further announcements as to where you will find him and the Shimmer Lites Light marshals.

Let’s make Whitley Bay Shimmer

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