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Dove Time Series - Sea Words

Beneath the sea

The Dove Time Series is a planktonic (water column drifters) and benthic (seafloor) survey that has run since 1968, making it one of the longest-running monitoring programmes of marine biota in the UK. In this era of climate change, overfishing and habitat destruction, long-term datasets provide important insight into the influence of human and climate impacts on marine ecosystems. 

Sea Words is  series of lectures delivered by PHD students and lecturers from Newcastle University.

In the first lecture on  18th November 2021 Hannah Lloyd-Hartley explained her holistic monitoring approach and known health of the marine ecosystem in our North-East Coastal and offshore waters.Learn more about our fascinating marine landscape and the impact of human activity.


Rachael Priest’s project ‘Beneath the waves’ uses immersive activity to reveal hidden heritage (natural and maritime), bringing it to audiences previously not capable of accessing this world beneath the waves. In the second lecture on Thursday 2nd December 2021, Rachael talked about the fascinating marine landscape, the history of local shipwrecks and the natural habitats at local dive sites also the species that inhabit them and the impact of human activity . Find out more on the Explore SeaScapes website.

How people can help nature to restore important ecosystems

Harry Catherall’s PhD research focuses on the structure, function and restoration of kelp forests along coastlines of Durham, Northumberland and Berwick coastlines. He  compares the structure and function of kelp forests along ‘pristine’ sections of the Northumberland and Berwick coastlines with those of the Durham coastline which have been historically impacted by coal mining spoil and are recovering from these impacts. In areas where kelp forests have not been able to re-establish Harry investigates approaches to give nature a helping hand to restore these important ecosystems.

In the third lecture on 9th December 2021 Harry talked about our fascinating marine landscape and the impact of human activity.


In 2022 Whitley Bay Big Local with PhD students and lecturers from Newcastle University plan to continue this series of lectures.

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