Environment - helping to improve how Whitley Bay looks for residents and visitors 

We are developing  initiatives to improve how Whitley Bay looks with a focus on several legacy projects. 

What we have done to date:

Our Tidy Town Worker is busy painting bollards, bins and street furniture, weeding in Whitley Park, around the Spanish City and  town centre planters, also tidying shop fronts, collecting litter and  reporting issues.

Whitley Bay Big Local has commissioned bollards based on an original design, which can be see around Whitley Bay town centre and on the seafront at the Fisherman's Bay fish and chip restaurant.

Whitley Park improvements – working with Friends of Whitley Park and North Tyneside Council, Big Local has contributed time and resources to assist with the continuous improvement of Whitley Park. This includes tree, flower and bulb planting and commissioning works to improve access to the park. 

Colour scheme and materials – working with North Tyneside Council we have influenced the return of traditional Whitley Bay blue paint colours around the newly refurbished seafront area and the use of a consistent palette of materials for paving and landscaping. 

Work in Progress: 

Planters – we have experienced some successes and some issues along the way with adoption of town centre planters and purchase of some new planters that incorporate seats. Our Tidy Town Worker has  re-stocked and improved planters on Whitley Road and we have agreements with the Council about watering. We need to look at options for siting the new planters that fits with the current town centre layout. 

Telescopes – we commissioned two, free to use, seafront telescopes which are located at the north and south ends of promenade in the Whitley Bay Big Local area. Local school children designed posters to illustrate what they might see through the new telescopes and some of them joined the Mayor to unveil the telescopes.

Masterplan – we have worked closely with a local landscape architect company, Place On Earth, to develop a Masterplan for the Whitley Bay Big Local area. This is based on local consultation and is an aspirational plan that helped to influence some of the recent regeneration work in Whitley Bay. 

Our current plan includes the development of a seafront outdoor gym area, improving facilities at the local beach – showers and drinking fountains and further developing business plans to re-establish beach huts that once were a feature of the local promenade. 

We are working with the council and looking for funding to install an outdoor gym on the promenade. We plan to improve the beach facilities with a shower  and water dispenser / fountain

Whitley Bay Big Local is a Registered Charity (Regd No: 1171848)