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In November 2021 the Whitley Bay Big Local board approved a proposal that will set our community centre on a path to become a low carbon community. We are  the proud owners of the former job centre building at 158 Whitley Road and, thanks to the Community Ownership Fund, North of Tyne Combined Authority and Local Trust, we have secured funding to make the dream of developing a low carbon community a reality.


Initial ideals for the centre are to strive for carbon neutrality, to provide information and inspiration, to encourage local leadership and to be a financially sustainable hub that survives for generations to come. These ideals are long-term, but there are things that we will be doing (or not doing) immediately to increase our carbon efficiency.

We are also reviewing our own behaviours and practices to see how we can make simple changes to reduce our impact on the environment. We have ordered some refillable cleaning products and will be using local suppliers as much as possible, where previously we might have relied on Amazon and other delivery companies. We will keep the conversation going with a series of consultation events to allow local people to contribute to and develop our future as a sustainable hub. We’re seeking the funding to make the vision of an eco-hub a reality.

There are two main ambitions for the centre. 

  • One, to reduce its impact on the world around us. 

  • Two, to inform and inspire local people about climate change. 

Now, thanks to new revenue funding from National Lottery Community Fund, we will be developing an Environmental Action Plan for Whitley Bay. This will include consideration for how we develop the building, what activities we can provide both in the centre and around Whitley Bay.

Since we went public with the ambition to become a Community Eco-Hub, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We have welcomed new people as members and are having conversations with more people.

If you would like to be part of our journey, send us an email: or become a Whitley Bay Big Local Member

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