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Draught Includers: Energy Advice

WBBL Draught Includers

Energy advice is available in North Tyneside community centres.

Whitley Bay Big Local  provides advice on simple ways to make your home cosier and reduce your energy bills.

We also provide FREE energy saving items.

Our free energy saving items and advice are available to everyone.

If you would like a Draught Includers event to visit your community centre please contact Ruth on 

Visit us in community centres across North Tyneside for one:one advice on simple ways to make your home cosier, reduce your energy bills and obtain FREE energy saving items. 

Items we provide include;

Shower Saves

Is the water for your shower heated by a gas combi boiler? 

A shower save, a small device connected between the taps and the shower hose, aerates the water and can reduce water use and energy costs of showering by nearly a half!

It is simple to install and to remove.


Radiator Panels

These amazing things will make your rooms warmer. They stop heat escaping through the wall and make it go up into the room instead. They also reflect heat back into the radiator so the water returns to the boiler at a higher temperature, and less energy is needed to reheat the water. They work much better than sticking aluminium foil on the wall!


LED lights

LED lights use more than 5 times less energy than incandescent bulbs. We have a range of free LED lightbulbs to suit your needs, from mood lighting to reading lamps. See them in action on our stall.


Internal door draught excluders

Do draughts come under your internal doors? We are giving away draught excluders that slide under the door and move with it so you don't have to keep putting them back in place like traditional sausage dog style draft excluders.

Our free energy saving items and advice are available to everyone. 

Do bring us your energy bill for us to look at if you need help to understand it, or are worried it may be too high. 

We can even consider home installation if you're vulnerable and may need help to install

This project is funded through the Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme. 

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