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Image by Duncan Kidd

Pay As You Go Pantry

Tuesdays, 9:30am - 11:30am, Wednesdays, 1pm - 3pm
Thursdays and Fridays: 10am - 12pm

A range of fresh fruit and veg, milk, bakery items, tins and dried goods available.

Pay As You Go Pantry

During renovations our "pay as you can pantry" is still open every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is in the temporary entrance. There's a range of fresh fruit and veg, milk, bakery items, tins and dried goods.If you can donate food, ( in date and in original packaging please) we can share with others! If you can contribute, please do, if you are unable...don't worry.

Other Events

Sing and Sign North Tyneside

Sing and Sign classes are very relaxed and good fun! Class sizes are small (12 maximum per class) so you and your baby can enjoy the social aspect of class.

Happy To Chat

Residents are welcome to pop in for a "socially distanced" cuppa and a chat.

Deaf and Sign Meet-Up

Spend time with Deaf and signing people.
Play games, pool, table tennis and table football.

Act2Cam Creative Performing Arts Class

Act2Cam offers Covid-safe, Ofsted-registered childcare, where young people learn how to act and make drama, from their own imaginations.

Knitt and Natter

Join in the Knitting and Nattering in our community building.

Fix-It Cafe

Our "FIX-IT" Cafe is chance to get your stuff fixed , to fix stuff for others and to learn how to fix things.

Men's Pie Club

Pie Club opens once a week for guys in various locations in the North East.

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