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Coronavirus Lockdown Update

 As we ease out of lockdown we are happy to see more lovely folk back in our community building.  Because we want people to feel safe we ask everyone to continue using hand sanitiser, wearing masks and apply social distancing measures.

Our Pay as You Can Pantry continues to help to beat food poverty and reduce food waste with Coop Food Share, FareShare.  and our volunteers. We are open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10 am til 4pm.

Some groups use our space at other times. Find out more on our Facebook page


North Tyneside Community Health Champions

Do you want to help keep your community safe from COVID-19?

Navigating self-isolation in North Tyneside , created by VODA, provides you with useful information to help you stay safe whilst self-isolating.

VODA is harnessing the power of North Tyneside residents as Community Health Champions to play a vital role by sharing up to date, trusted health messages with people they know and care about during the COVID-19 pandemic. Become a Community Health Champions and share important messages from  home with friends, neighbours and colleagues.  


TURN2US is a national charity which  helps those who may need financial support or advice.

Use the Benefits Calculator to find out which welfare benefits you may be entitled to.

Use the Grants Search to find out what charitable funds you may be eligible for.

Visit their website if you could do with some help....or share with others who do.