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Energy Champion

What is an Energy Champion?

  • Energy Champions are volunteers dedicated to promoting energy efficiency and sustainability within Whitley Bay. They serve as advocates for environmental responsibility and encourage others to adopt energy-saving practices. In doing so, they can have an amazing positive impact on households and local business by reducing the carbon emissions and fuel bills.

Who can be an Energy Champion?

  • Anyone passionate about reducing energy consumption and fostering a greener environment can become an Energy Champion. Whether you're a Whitley Bay resident, business owner, community leader, or just want to help out, we provide all the training and structure for you to make a real difference.


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IWhat will an Energy Champion do?

  • Energy Champions will help to run Whitley Bay big Local’s new Energy Cafe. This will include: helping residents to implement practical solutions to reduce energy waste, distributing energy saving devices, helping residents through the retrofit process, conducting energy audits, and leading initiatives to reduce carbon footprint.

Why become an energy champion?

  • By becoming an Energy Champion, you gain access to nationally recognised training, a deeper understanding of your own energy consumption, and the opportunity to shape the future of sustainability in Whitley Bay. Together, we can work towards reducing people's energy bills and creating a greener, more sustainable community.

Funded by Northern Powergrid

Become an Energy Champion

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