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Small Sparks

Do you have an idea to make Whitley Bay an even better place to live, work or visit? 

Are you looking for space, support and encouragement to make your idea happen?

If so, Small Sparks could help. Small Sparks is a Whitley Bay Big Local scheme that helps with seed funding and support to make your ideas a reality. Small Sparks can lead to great big sustainable projects and ideas. Or, Small Sparks can deliver a one off activity, project or celebration. Either way, they make people feel good and proud to be part of a community in Whitley Bay.

Some recent Small Sparks for inspiration:

  • An artist received support to run a life drawing art class and music event. Events are continuing in October 2021.​

  • A local historian was given space and time to set up a ‘Scottish Fortnight’ memories group.

  • We provided funding for bat boxes and a celebration event in Whitley Park

Over the years we’ve supported a huge variety of different activities and we want to do more.

What’s your idea? 

Contact us for an initial chat or email and one of the team will get back to you. Let’s make it happen.

More Projects: 


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